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  • Began law enforcement career with the Covington Police Department in 1973

* Patrolman

- Street Patrol

- Community Relations

  • Joined the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in 1978

* Deputy Sheriff

- Street Patrol

- Jail Operations

- Communications


  • Promoted to Sergeant in 1979

            * Joined Newton County-Covington SWAT Team

            * Evening Watch Supervisor

            - Supervised Street Patrol & Jail Staff

            - In Charge of Communications Command Center


  • Promoted to Lieutenant in 1982

            * Evening Watch Supervisor

            - Supervised Street Patrol & Jail Staff

            - In Charge of Communications Command Center


  • Joined Criminal Investigations Division-1985

*Investigated Crimes Against Persons and Property, Major Criminal Activities, including Homicide, Robberies, Rapes, Child Abuse, etc.

- Interviews, Interrogations, Crime Scene Investigations, etc.

* Became a Certified Arson Investigator-

- Worked with Local and State Agencies to Resolve Suspicious Fires, etc.


  • Assigned to Sex Offender Unit-2006

* Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Sex Offender Activity in Newton County

- Maintenance of County Sex Offender Registry

- Assurance that State and Federal Mandates are Followed

* Credited with Creating Georgia’s First Sex Offender Residential Mapping System

* Traveled Throughout Georgia Representing the Newton County Sheriff Office on the “Sex Offender Roundtable”                     

* Community Outreach

* Responsible for Managing Citizen Complaints

* Testified, on behalf of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, in Federal, State, and Local Courts Regarding Impact of Sex Offender Laws and Cases


Professional Organizational Memberships

  • National Sheriffs Association

  • Georgia Sheriffs Association

  • Georgia Chapter of Arson Investigations

  • International Chapter of Arson Investigators

  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

  • International Association of Police Chiefs


Professional Development and Training

  • Basic & Advanced SWAT Officer Training

  • Homicide Investigations

  • Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Sex Crimes

  • Arson Investigations (Over 500 Basic and Adv. Training Hours)

  • Sex Offender Registry & Tracking Unit

  • Interviewing and Interrogations

  • Drugs

  • The Georgia Law Enforcement Professional Management Program Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and Columbia State University (400 Hours of Study)-(2004-2007)

  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)-Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security-(Designed for Upper Management & Front Line Supervisors) (2007)

  • Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange 

  • Georgia Sheriffs Association

  • 20020 POST Certified Training-totals more than 2800 Hours


Professional Certifications 

  • Post-Certified Basic Police Officer (1973)

  • Post-Certified Arson Investigator (1991)

  • Fire Investigator-Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (2006)

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