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Re-Elect Ezell Brown for Sheriff of Newton County, GA 

Get Involved in the Campaign

Re-Elect Ezell Brown for Sheriff of Newton County is a political campaign that needs your support. Join us in promoting Sheriff Brown's platform, engaging with the community and garnering support for his re-election. Together, we can make a positive change in our community. 


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Cookie Lester
Former Inmate Resident
Graduate of the Women's Welding Program

Cookie Lester is one of 61 former residents who took advantage of the Women's Welding program at the Newton County Sheriff's Office between 2021 and 2024. We believe in giving real second chances because we want to greet former residents on the outside, not inside.

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Briant Hall
Former Inmate Resident
Graduate of the RSAT Program

Briant Hall is one of 238 former residents who took advantage of the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) program at the Newton County Sheriff's Office between 2018 and 2024. We believe in giving real second chances because we want to greet former residents on the outside, not inside.

Sheriff Noel Brown
Bulloch County Sheriff's Office
Statesboro, GA


Rob Fowler

Newton County Resident

Owner of Fowler Properties

Former CEO of Main Street Bank

This afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Rob Fowler, a distinguished businessman, in our community. Mr. Fowler indicated that he is happy to lend his support to "continuing the work" with Sheriff Ezell Brown. Reflecting on our political climate, he recalled the words of another loyal supporter, the late Pierce Cline. 

He looked at a card from one of my earlier elections and shared the thoughts of his late friend. Pierce said, "This is election year in America. Nationally, we vote for political parties; but, locally, we vote for persons.  I intend to vote to re-elect Sheriff Ezell Brown as Newton County Sheriff.  My personal choice is to retain Sheriff Brown to continue the capable leadership and administration of our Sheriff’s Office.  He is experienced, known, and respected for his service to our community. 'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.' If we are pleased with our present leadership, why risk a change? "

Mr. Fowler said, I couldn't agree more.  He said, as usual, he and his late friend held the same regard for this Sheriff. Looking up, my old friend said, more than ever before, consistency in leadership is critical. He asked why we would change leadership when we have a Sheriff that has brought so many positive accolades and not brought scandal or put us in the media.  Because of him, we have gained prominence among other agencies.  "What was said then is still true today." Sheriff, you make it look so easy that people sometimes think that they can just take over and keep the ball rolling.  

He went on to say, "what they don't realize is that you brought to the position of Sheriff, more than thirty years of professional development and on-the-job training experience in this very Sheriff's Office. I said, the two Sheriffs that I trained under provided the springboard that helped me make the strides that we now take pride in."  

Mr. Fowler used the word, "reconciliation" to describe what happens when we all work together.  When we break bread together, take time to get to know one another, and build bridges rather than walls, we open doors to a stronger community.  Newton County is not divided; but, rather a community that brings together diverse opinions, thoughts, and ideals.  Sheriff Brown has demonstrated throughout his tenure that he is the only person who can hold together the fabric of this community.  

Yes, I am voting and supporting Sheriff Ezell Brown's re-election.

Moses Ector
Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Assistant Deputy Director (Retired)
DeKalb County Department of Public Safety, Assistant Chief (Retired) 
City of Hogansville, Chief of Police (Retired)
Atlanta Metropolitan State College, Director of MELEA (Retired)

My name is Moses Ector.  I have been in law enforcement since 1971 working through all the ranks from a patrolman to chief of police; from special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to Deputy Assistant Director of the Bureau; and with DeKalb County Police Department as Director of the Homeland Security Division, and Asst. Chief with DeKalb Co. Public Safety Department until my last retirement.

I worked with Ezell Brown while serving as the Special Agent in Charge of the Conyers GBI Regional office and I have followed his career as he moved through the ranks to be elected Sheriff of Newton County. In my personal interactions with Sheriff Brown, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in the field of law enforcement.  He is the ultimate professional, ethical, and honest law enforcement officer.  He always does what’s right for the citizens of Newton County, a county that he loves.  


He is a man of integrity, as one can realize by the public positions he has held and the programs he has embarked on as your sheriff.  Sheriff Brown has served as Chaplain for the Georgia Sheriff’s Association for eight years.  He is currently serving as Vice-President for Region 2, where he represents 12 sheriffs in the metro area. Through Sheriff Brown’s proven leadership, the Newton County Sheriff Organization is ranked in the top 40 in the nation. 


Sheriff Brown has worked tirelessly to make sure the Sheriff Department works closely with the community by developing a community outreach liaison to make sure that the citizens of Newton County have a voice within the department to share their concerns.   The citizens of Newton County have a sheriff that’s respected by his peers, and one that brings equal justice for all.  


I highly recommend and pray that you will re-elect Sheriff Ezell Brown to serve you 4 more years.

Dr. Sharron Brown

Ambassador to the State of Georgia

Inspirational Speaker

Certified Life Coach Founder of Treasure Box Inspirational  Networ Certified Counselor in Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT)
Child Exploitation Ambassador

Political Advocate

Five Star  Author
Award-winning International Platform Speaker and Mentor

LaShonia Main
Owner of Ohannahs Hair Studio

Ambassador Andrew Young

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Honorable Constance Witter

Representative of the Jamaican Council

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