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Sheriff Ezell Brown addresses false allegations on NCSO's policies

The Office of the Sheriff, like all law enforcement agencies, has a strict policy prohibiting comment on pending or threatened litigation, but I have recently become aware of false allegations suggesting that the Office of the Sheriff has a policy allowing deputies to engage in criminal activities with citizens. There is absolutely no truth behind these allegations. I encourage anyone interested in reviewing our agency’s policy to submit an Open Records Request via our website at, by emailing, or by visiting our headquarters. Don't just take my word for it—see for yourself!

The moment the Newton County Sheriff’s Office’s Office of Professional Standards was notified of the incident involving former Deputy George Rahming in July 2023, immediate and proper action was taken. The Office of the Sheriff did call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conduct an investigation, and all media inquiries were directed to the GBI.

As I have previously mentioned, the actions of any agency personnel are their independent choices and do not reflect the leadership or values of the Office of the Sheriff. The Office of the Sheriff now, and in the past, has never tolerated, and never will tolerate, such behavior.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We strive for excellence but acknowledge that no agency is immune to individual incidents. Like any organization, there may be occurrences beyond our control. However, we remain committed to transparency and accountability.

Sheriff Ezell Brown

sheriff addresses false allegations on the policies of the ncos

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